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Offering Top-Rated Fire Extinguisher Service in San Angelo and surrounding West and Central Texas areas including Brownwood, Sonora, Ozona, Big Lake, Midland, Ballinger

Ensure your business is protected by installing the right type and number of fire extinguishers! Then, keep them functioning properly with routine inspections and testing.

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examples range from 2.5lb to 30lbs

Outback Fire & Safety Services

It can be extremely scary to have an unexpected fire and an inoperable fire extinguisher. Outback Fire & Safety can service your fire extinguishers to ensure they are ready.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

NFPA 10 and your local jurisdiction require annual fire extinguisher inspections.
1-year Inspection

Fire extinguisher Maintenance

Maintenance of your fire extinguishers includes breaking down the fire extinguisher and checking it for damage. The "O" ring and gaskets are replaced if needed and the extinguisher is recharged.
6-Year Maintenance

Fire extinguisher Sales

We sell portable fire extinguishers, anywhere from 2.5lbs to 30lbs. We keep Amerex in inventory as that is the most popular brand; however, we can order other brands upon request.

Safety Equipment and supplies

We are here to help with your fire extinguisher accessories, safety equipment and supplies, including but not limited to First Aid kits and Cabinets, Blood Pathogen kits, Safety Triangle for Trucks. We have a full line of brackets, mounts and covers for your fire extinguishers.

Providing Prompt and Reliable Commercial Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Repair, Service and Sales. That's what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually?

To stay compliant with local and state regulations, portable fire extinguishers must be inspected by a licensed professional annually.

How can you tell if a fire extinguisher needs to be serviced?

There is actually two questions here: Serviced or Inspected. They must be serviced every six years. Different brands have info in different location on the extinguisher. It will include the date the extinguisher was manufactured and then if serviced in the past. There also may be a sticker that shows when it was last serviced.

What to do if fire extinguisher is expired?

Any disposal place will require extinguishers to be expelled before they will take them. If your extinguisher is expired, then contact your licensed fire extinguisher professional and have them replaced with a new extinguisher and properly dispose of the expired extinguisher.

Can you recharge a fire extinguisher yourself?

You must be a licensed professional to recharge a fire extinguisher. The process requires specific equipment and is regulated by local and state officials.

What does it mean to service a fire extinguisher?

It is a process that requires blowing the extinguisher down, disassemble the extinguisher, cleaning parts, inspecting the inside of the canister for damage and rust, then refill and recharge.

How do you inspect a fire extinguisher?

Inspection starts with a visual inspection of the extinguisher for damage or rust and to see if the extinguisher is due for a service. Once inspected by a licensed fire extinguisher professional, then an inspection tag is placed on the extinguisher.

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