About Us

Outback Fire & Safety, LLC

Outback Fire & Safety, LLC purchased the core of its business from Gary Warren at Texas Fire Extinguisher and Services, established in 2002 and NetCo Fire & Safety, LLC.

We continue to provided unparalleled service to our assumed and new clientele as we value and appreciate the relationships and legacy of those we follow.

We are here for the benefit of our clients, as we move forward and grow, as a well-established and stable company.

We offer a Full Line of Services For Your Fire Extinguisher and Safety Needs

Meet The Owner, Clint Rainey​

As a 9th generation Texan, Clint grew up in West Texas working as a cowboy, learning from his dad, behind multi-generations of ranchers and cowboys of the Big Bend area. Most importantly learning the ethics that go with past generations of our country, keeping the cowboy breed alive.

Living with an attitude of “My word and my handshake are my bond”.

Before, striking out on his own, buying Outback Fire Safety, LLC., he managed large cattle operations, starting at the bottom and working his way to top level management. Clint stayed with his first job in San Angelo for 25 years, proving his stability, sticking to the job through the good and the bad times.

Clint has always been self-motivated with proven multi-tasking skills, he can handle a diverse workload, and effectively deal with interruptions.  He is diligent and reliable in his ability to produce an excellent work product and committed to a high standard of work ethic. Conscientious about meeting deadlines.  Resolves problems, adapts to changing priorities, and is detail oriented.

He is friendly and outgoing with a poised interaction with his customers, even total strangers. A smile will meet you first.

He and Julie, his wife of 25 years, are patriotic Christians. Life partners in everything, even as very talented and successful team ropers.

It goes without saying that his hobbies would include, rodeo, roping and golf, the outdoor type personality.








Why Choose Us

We are committed to serving our customers throughout West and Central Texas at the highest level because we care and believe in good people doing good for people.