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Can you recharge a fire extinguisher yourself

Today Clint from Outback Fire & Safety answers one of the questions he gets every once in a while. 

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As a small business owner, we are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase our profitability, which often translates into…what can I do myself, instead of hiring out.  In our line of business that brings up the question on where someone can cut corners on their fire and safety obligations.  From this perspective it makes sense that you may wonder if you can recharge a fire extinguisher yourself.

 The quick answer to the question: Can you recharge a fire extinguisher yourself … is no.  I know that is probably not the answer you wanted to hear.

State law says that you cannot perform this task yourself and that it must be done by a licensed professional. 

And here is the other thing… you must have the proper equipment to be able to do it anyway.  So, the answer to this question is no, but if you have a question or if you look at your gauge and it shows that you aren’t in the green anymore, then call your local guy and have him take a look at it and fix you up. 

Here at Outback Fire & Safety, we are committed to being fair and doing what makes sense. If you have any additional questions, then just give us a shout.  We would appreciate your business and will do our best to get your needs taken care of.

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