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How do I inspect a fire extinguisher

Today Clint from Outback Fire & Safety addresses another one of the frequently asked questions he gets while talking with customers.

There are a couple different processes that you go through when servicing a fire extinguisher.

6-year fire extinguisher maintenance

One of them is your 6-year maintenance, which requires you to take the fire extinguisher, blow it down and then inspect the inside of the fire extinguisher for rust or any kind of damage to the inside of the canister. Then you have to fill the fire extinguisher, recharge it and while also cleaning all of the parts.

12-year fire extinguisher maintenance

Now if you get a Hydro Test, which has to be done every 12 years, is primarily the same as your other maintenance. You blow it down and then once it is blown down you fill it with water, pressure it up to the required psi to test the canister. Next you empty it, dry it out, then refill and recharge the fire extinguisher.  You are good to go. 

 If you have any questions or need assistance with your fire extinguisher service, then please give us a ring at Outback Fire & Safety. 

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